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Kombucha is sweet tea fermented with a mixed culture of yeast and bacteria that results in a very refreshing, slightly sweet and tart beverage, typically with a very low percentage of alcohol (<1.5% or less is common). Kombucha can be flavored with numerous juices and spices after fermentation - our favorite is using ginger!

While bottles of commercial kombucha typically sell for about $4, it's one of the easiest and most affordable fermented beverages to produce at home. The most difficult part is obtaining the SCOBY, the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that performs the fermentation. SCOBYs are almost infinitely reusable, and since several of us at Hoggetowne Ale Works make kombucha occasionally, we share our SCOBYs with the community 100% free for non-commercial use whenever we have some available. We can also special order a commercial kombucha culture from White Labs for you ($39.99), or you can attempt to grow your own from a bottle of unpasteurized commercial kombucha (preferably unflavored).




All of us are familiar with vinegar, and use it as a condiment and cooking ingredient on a nearly daily basis. Vinegar is also very easy to make at home from beer, red and white wine, cider, sake, and even kombucha. You won't believe the difference in flavor! Try adding some toasted oak spirals to your red wine vinegar for amazingly delicious vinaigrettes! We sell commercial vinegar cultures in several varieties (red wine, white wine, rice wine, cider, and malt vinegar) by special order. Like kombucha SCOBYs, vinegar mothers are reusable many times.




One of the world's most popular fermented foods, cheese is also easy to make at home. Just imagine washing your cheese in your own homebrew... At Hoggetowne Ale Works, we stock a variety of high-quality cultures for fresh and hard cheeses, animal and vegetarian rennet, calcium chloride, annatto cheese coloring, as well as cheese making accessories like cheese cloth and cheese presses. Additional items like cheese moulds and lipase are available by special order.

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