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Hoggetowne Ale Works

Hoggetowne Ale Works now has a self-serve grain room featuring over seventy varieties of malts and grains. Pull your own grist or shop while we do so for you - the choice is yours. We crack all grains fresh to order to maximize flavor and minimize staling (Recipe of the Month grains may be pre-packaged).


As with everything at Hoggetowne - if you don't see it, we can special order many malts we do not regularly stock. Also ask us about bulk orders - we always have 50-pound bags of domestic 2-Row malt for sale, and can often fill other requests for bulk purchases as well.


Please call the shop to confirm availability.


Base malts:


Rahr U.S. Standard 2-Row

Rahr U.S. 6-Row

Rahr U.S. Pale Ale

Rahr U.S. Pilsner

Rahr U.S. White Wheat


Weyermann or Best Malz German Pilsner

Weyermann or Best Malz German Vienna

Weyermann or Best Malz German Light Munich

Weyermann or Best Malz German Dark Munich

Weyermann or Best Malz German Pale Wheat

Weyermann German Dark Wheat

Weyermann Rye Malt

Chateau Belgian Pilsner


Crisp or Bairds U.K. Pale Ale

Crisp Gleaneagles Floor-malted U.K. Maris Otter


Simpsons Golden Promise


Crystal, Caramel & Dextrin malts:


Briess C-10

Briess C-20

Briess C-40

Briess C-60

Briess C-80

Briess C-120


Weyermann Carafoam (similar to Carapils)

Weyermann CaraHell

Weyermann CaraRed

Weyermann CaraMunich I 31-38L

Weyermann CaraMunich II 42-49L

Weyermann CaraMunich III 53-61L

Weyermann CaraAroma

Weyermann CaraWheat 38-49L

Weyermann Crystal Rye


Castle CaraBlonde (or Dingemans Caramel Pils)

Castle CaraRuby (or Dingemans CaraVienne)

Castle or Dingemans Special B


Crisp U.K. C-15 (Caramalt)

Crisp U.K. C-45

Crisp U.K. C-60

Crisp U.K. C-77

Simpson's Dark Crystal (similar to C-120)

Simpson's DRC (Double-Roasted Crystal)





Roasted malts and grains:


Briess Chocolate 350L

Briess Dark Chocolate 420L

Briess Light Roasted Barley 300L


Weyermann Carafa I Dehusked 300-375L

Weyermann Carafa II Dehusked 413-450L

Weyermann Carafa III Dehusked 488-563L

Weyermann Chocolate Wheat 300-450L

Weyermann Chocolate Rye


Crisp U.K. Pale Chocolate 225L

Crisp U.K. Black Roasted Barley

Crisp U.K. Chocolate

Crisp U.K. Black Patent


Briess Blackprinz Debittered Black Malt


Kilned specialty malts:


Briess Victory

Briess Special Roast

Briess Extra Special


Castle or Swaen Belgian Biscuit

Dingemans Belgian Aromatic


Weyermann German Melanoidin

Crisp U.K. Amber

Crisp U.K. Brown


Simpsons Golden Naked Oats


Smoked, acidulated, and other specialty malts:


Briess Cherrywood Smoked

Weyermann Beechwood Smoked

Weyermann Oak-smoked Wheat

Simpson's Peated


Gambrinus Honey


Weyermann Acidulated


Crisp Torrefied Wheat


Flaked grains:


Flaked maize (corn)

Flaked barley

Flaked rye

Flaked wheat

Flaked oats


Other adjuncts:


Rice Hulls




Briess Pilsen Light (liquid and dry)

Briess Golden Light (liquid and dry)

Briess Pale Ale (liquid only)

Briess Vienna (liquid only)

Briess Bavarian Wheat (liquid and dry)

Briess Sparkling Amber (liquid and dry)

Briess Traditional Dark (liquid and dry)

Briess Rye (liquid only)

Briess Munich (liquid only)

Briess White Sorghum (liquid only)

Muntons Maris Otter (liquid only)

Rice Syrup Solids (dry only)


Hoggetowne Ale Works, Inc.

3735 W. University Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32607


(352) 367-4455

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Monday - Saturday: 11 - 6

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Closed on New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Hogtown Craft Beer Festival, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day