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Hoggetowne Ale Works

Hoggetowne Ale Works carries the full line of White Labs liquid beer, mead, distilling, and cider yeasts, including wild yeasts and bacteria, which we receive quarterly directly from the manufacturer. White Labs liquid wine yeasts available by special order.


Dry beer yeasts:



US-05 (American Ale)

S-04 (English Ale)

K-97 (German Ale)

T-58 (Belgian Ale)

WB-06 (German Wheat)

W34/70 (German Lager)

S-23 (Euro Lager)

S-189 (Swiss Lager)



Belle Saison

Nottingham (Dry English)

Windsor (malty English)

CBC-1 (Conditioning)

Abbaye (Belgian Ale)



Dry wine yeasts:




ICV D-47




Red Star:

Premier Blanc (formerly Champagne)

Premier Rouge (formerly Pasteur Red)


Côte des Blancs

Premier Cuvée



Safcider (Cider)





Dry turbo & distilling* yeasts:


DADY distilling yeast

FermFast 24-h Turbo

FermFast 48-h Turbo

Assorted vodka, whisky, rum and other yeasts


Liquid beer yeasts:


White Labs - full lineup, incl. distilling* yeasts, Brett and bacteria





*Distilling without a proper license is illegal. Follow all applicable laws.

Hoggetowne Ale Works, Inc.

3735 W. University Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32607


(352) 367-4455

Same-day recipe orders for pick-up:







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Hours of Operation:

Monday - Saturday: 11 - 6

Sunday: 11 - 4


Home Football Games: Hours vary

Closed on New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Hogtown Craft Beer Festival, Memorial Day, July 4, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day