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Hoggetowne Ale Works

Barron Humphries

Founder and Proprietor


Barron is Hoggetowne Ale Works’ founder and proprietor, and the organizer of our customer appreciation tailgates on campus for every home football game. Hoggetowne, for him, was a way to turn his passion for homebrewing into a business. Fortunately for all of us, he ignored the standard industry advice that a homebrew shop in a city of less than 250,000 residents cannot possibly succeed. He nearly single-handedly renovated our current retail space, building all the display tables, shelving, checkout counter, grain room – you name it.

Danny Coenen



Danny started hanging out at Hoggetowne on Fridays and Saturdays in the summer of 2010, and somehow never left… Today, as Hoggetowne Ale Works’ manager, he is the man in charge of keeping Hoggetowne Ale Works running on a day to day basis, and keeping the store well-stocked with merchandise. He also maintains our store recipe book. Danny started homebrewing in 2007 with a Mr. Beer kit, but quickly switched to 5-gallon batches. He has been brewing all-grain since 2009. He currently brews using an Xtreme Industries brew stand equipped with the Blichmann Tower of Power controller module in a direct-fired RIMS (recirculating infusion mash system) configuration. He enjoys brewing a wide variety of styles, but has a particular fondness for Kölsch, Saison, Porter, and sour beers. Danny also occasionally makes ciders, meads, kit wines, and most recently homemade sodas and kombucha. Danny is a certified BJCP beer judge.

Chris Cook

Brewing Advisor


Chris Cook started brewing in 2008. After four extract batches and a partial mash, he graduated to all-grain brewing. Not long thereafter he joined the Hoggetowne Ale Works brew crew. His favorite styles are Gose and Saison. He has been known to scrutinize and revise his recipes for several days – no surprise, as he counts recipe formulation as one of his favorite parts of the brewing, second only to the satisfaction of enjoying a pint of homebrew with friends and knowing that he made it. Beyond beer, he has made many ciders, and is currently expanding his horizons with country wines. Chris is the instructor for our beginner extract brewing classes. When he is not at Hoggetowne Ale Works, you can often find Chris at First Magnitude Brewing Company, where he works as a cellar man.

Jonathan Freedman

Brewing Advisor


Jonathan started brewing in 2007, when making extract kits with friends while living in central Pennsylvania. After moving to Illinois and joining a local homebrew club he evolved to brewing all-grain batches in 2011. He has a particular fondness for hops, and mostly brews American, British, and Belgian ales, as well as an occasional cider, mead, and wine. Jonathan has won numerous awards at homebrew competitions  and is a BJCP Recognized Beer Judge. Every Tuesday evening, Jonathan, along with his wife and Hogtown Brewers vice president Terrie, hosts First Magnitude's trivia game.

Jack Baralt

Brewing Advisor


Jack joined us in May of 2017. We'll have more info on him soon.

Ethan Baldwin

Brewing Advisor


Before he started working at Hoggetowne, Ethan was well-known among our brew crew for bringing in outstanding sour beers for sampling. Ethan continues exploring the art of mixed fermentations, but also makes great "clean" styles, like IPAs and English Mild.



















Are you interested in joining our team? While we do not currently have any open positions, we always accept resumes from experienced brewers with outstanding customer service skills who love to learn and share their passion for the art of fermentation with others! Include brewing experience, retail & service experience, availability, and any brewing education or certifications on your resume. Submit resumes to Danny.


The opportunities are limitless - many of our former employees have gone on to successful careers in professional brewing at breweries including Wicked Weed, Left Hand, Swamp Head, First Magnitude, and Blackadder Brewing Company. One has worked for two beer distributors, and others are in the planning stages of opening their own brewery.



Brian Werner

Brewing Advisor


Brian started brewing in late 2013 after purchasing a Hoggetowne Ale Works equipment kit. He particularly enjoys brewing lagers. He has also fermented wine, kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi, and made cocktail bitters, cured meats, cheese, soda, and more. He most enjoys the proud feeling when tasting the first bottle of a freshly carbonated beer that turned out exactly as expected.

Zebulon Trinity

Brewing Advisor


More info to come

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